Ellen Duffield, Project Leader – The Leadership Studio at Muskoka Woods
Cathie has a passion for the development of people and organizations that is truly exemplary. In this pursuit she balances risk taking and creating safe places; forthrightness and compassion; process and creativity. Cathie is an amazing communicator with a unique and timely message.

Jim Bartholomew,Vice-President of Strategy and Marketing, Compassion Canada
Cathie recently took our leadership team through a day of leadership development. She researched our needs, gave us all advance work to do, and then led our large team through an engaging and interactive day of leadership training and discussion.

David Hill,Vice President – Agency/Sales Canada, State Farm Insurance
Cathie positively engaged and impacted the purpose, identity, and success of our team. Cathie brings knowledge, experience and a genuine human component to the interaction which builds trust.

Alana Walker Carpenter, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Intriciti
While Cathie has been given the title “leader” in several settings, she has and continues not to need title in order to influence the lives of those around her. It was through the experience of working together when she served as Co-Chair of Just Give Me Jesus, that I became (without her knowing it) an understudy of her leadership. She has a unique ability to bring all different types of people to the table, inspire them and celebrate individual and collective success. However, in the process she is never fearful of taking time to stop and reflect to ensure that she and her respective team are on track. It is that quiet pause that continues to command my respect.

John Ghent, Advisory Board Member HomeSuiteHope, CEO Ghent Planning Services, OakvilleI witnessed Cathie Ostapchuk’s unique ability to inspire a group of relative strangers become more engaged in homelessness issues in Oakville. Awareness building, creating an atmosphere of constructive thinking, gently challenging active involvement, and creatively involving the group in processing information to take positive action – this was the process that Cathie lead the group through. Her leadership style is characterized by a quiet, reflective and encouraging spirit which encourages confidence and commitment by participants. I was impressed with the synergy she was able to build during the workshop – evidence of a skilled, experienced and purpose driven leader.

My experience of facilitating NextLEVEL Leadership Modules with Cathie Ostapchuk (here in Toronto and also in Ghana) is always enjoyable. Cathie brings a special creativity to her teaching, an authentic sensitivity to the group and a natural enthusiasm for the learning process. As a life-long learner herself, she uses her unique gift with words to inspire and challenge participants to continue the journey and to do so with joyful anticipation of the life-changing discoveries they will make about God and about themselves.
Lynn Smith, NextLEVEL Leadership Team, author, and former Dean of Students,Tyndale University

Cathie Ostapchuk has been a gift the past years I have worked with her. For more than a year, I worked with Cathie daily, as she co-directed one of AnGeL Ministries’ largest-ever Just Give Me Jesus with Anne Graham Lotz, which filled Toronto’s Air Canada Center and resulted in thousands of changed lives and follow-up Bible studies throughout the region. In the trenches of that massive year-long process, I got to experience the many facets of what makes Cathie one of the most amazing leaders I’ve worked with. She’s gifted as an administrator which was needed for such a large-scope project with hundreds of volunteers and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the budget. She helped recruit and train a group of lay women into an incredible team that got the job done with love, compassion and excellence – a team that still stays connected. Above all – she never lost sight of the ultimate goal of our ministry. Whether speaking in front of a large group, or one-on-one in a luncheon with a strategic pastor, Cathie’s ability to convey the mission of our ministry was warm, clear and always on message – Jesus! To this day, I consult Cathie, and she has been asked to coach chairwomen in other cities. We continue to count Cathie as our friend an ongoing partner in ministry.
Carole Inman, former Director of Ministry, AnGeL Ministries, Founder and CEO of Carole Inman Consulting

Cathie is one of those people who naturally thinks “outside of the box”!  She brings a unique perspective to the table and takes the ordinary to the extraordinary by applying her god-given energy and creative talents.  She is able to take concepts and break them down into bite-sized pieces, which can then be practically applied.
Jan D’Angelo, Coach Coordinator, LAUNCH